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Aerokits Sea Hornet


The Sea Hornet was originally built by Les Rowell  who made model boat kits and designs leap forward in leaps and bounds in its time the boat is freelance but has been based on a typical boat that was used on the broads and up the rivers in Great Britain In the 1950’s.

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This kit has been modernized to make construction easy and not have the need to build a boat on a building board a copy of the full size plan and full building instructions are included. This kit has been designed for the discerning modeller that has either built boats or model aircraft before.

The kit contains all parts cut using our laser cutting technology that not only gives very accurate and precise cut parts that fit together without any sanding but also details like planking on the decks and the cabin roof rails are cut and only need a lick with a piece of sandpaper then glue in place . The model can be powered by a 7.2 volts standard buggy battery pack or ic power of 1.5-2.5 cc engines which is not in the kit also we have not included in the kit any running fittings as we feel a lot of modellers will have or would like to choose for themselves.

Length: 24 inches
Beam:  8 inches

A racey speed boat of very strong construction a classic ‘oldie’ in design, but you still see the real thing speeding off the Mediterranean coast
Suitable for 1.5-2.5 cc engine or electric motor