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New EU Nitromethane Fuel Regulations

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Nitro Methane chemical
New EU Nitromethane Fuel Regulations

A New European Union Regulation on Explosives Precursors came into effect in the EU on 2 September 2014.
A precursor is any everyday chemical that can be used in the preparation of an explosive device. Nitro Methane falls into this category. The regulation states that sales of nitro methane above a concentration of 30% by weight must be controlled. This is equivalent to a concentration of 26% by volume. This may affect you if you buy Nitro Methane based fuels, as a licence will be required for anyone wishing to purchase Nitro Methane based fuels above a concentration of 25% by volume.
If you need to apply for a licence, further guidance is available on these websites:
Licences will cost £39.50 and will be valid for 3 years. If you a member of the public wishing to use greater than 25% nitro methane based model fuel you must acquire a licence. You get a licence from here:-
After 2 September 2014, the general public will not be allowed to buy Nitro Methane based fuels above 25% vol. without a valid licence. There is a grace period generally associated to current products in stock.
30% Model fuels will be available to licence holders and the labelling on the bottles will be in-line with the new regulations.


3 Responses to "New EU Nitromethane Fuel Regulations"
  1. GK says:

    re @lesromodels, Nitromethane is capable of detonation in its liquid state. Combined with other chemicals it becomes a more powerful brisant explosive. It’s the world we live in unfortunately.

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